Do you like to help people? Do you like to cook or bake? Do you like to meet new people? Do you like to just serve people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have places you can serve.


Sunday Morning Greeters

This is exactly how it sound. Greet people as they come into the church and help them feel at home and answer any questions they may have even if it means “I’m not sure but I’ll find out for you”. The schedule for 2013 is up and running with a total of 13 different families and/or individuals greeting once every quarter. If you would like to be added to substitute for anyone in need for 2013 or to be added to the 2014 schedule, contact the Hospitality committee chair.

Sunday Morning and Birthday Sunday Snacks

If you like Baking, we like to eat. Every Sunday morning there are snacks put out for everyone as they come into the church and for after the service as we fellowship together. The first Sunday of every month we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for that month with, of course, a little bit of extra snacks.

Holiday Dinners

Another chance for you to get involved is at one of the holiday dinners that are always open up to anyone who wants to come; Easter Breakfast, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. You can help out in several different ways; Heading up the meal, setting up, serving or cleaning up. Help us be God’s hands as we reach out to our community.

Other Opportunities

  • Sending out birthday cards / e-mails
  • Visiting sick / sending a card / sending an e-mail
  • Decorating for the different seasons


There are so many different and creative ways to get involved. If you would like to help and are looking for a place to fit in, get in touch with the Hospitality Committee Chair and see where there is a need. You may even create a new way of reaching out.