Children’s Ministries

  • “Teach your child to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it.”— Proverbs 22:6 NLT

Teaching is another of the many gifts given by God. Are all gifted with this? No, but if this is one of your gifts you are called to “do a good Job” as it is stated in Romans 12:6-8. As proverbs says above, it is our responsibility to teach children so that they know the right path to take when they get older. At Grace we have several opportunities for you to help serve. If you can help, please contact the Christian Education committee chair to see where there are any needs. As it is true for most things, many helpers make the work load lighter.

If you feel led in this direction but feel you need more direction or training, talk with the committee chair. some training session are in the process of being set up to help equip everyone with the tools needed and to ensure a structured course.

Children’s Church

Every Sunday Morning, there are 2 children’s programs during the 10:00 am service. One for children between preschool and grade 2. The other for Children from grade 3 through grade 6. This is a great opportunity to start a child’s life out in the right direction.


Do you like to hold a baby? Maybe some don’t, but for the most part this is a mute question with the answer being a resounding “of course I do”. If you would like to help those with young children by playing with and hold a child in the nursery during the morning service, talk with the Chistian education committee chair. If you are a teen and would like to help out with this, you can. There is always an adult in the nursery and teens are welcome to help.

Adventure Club

Here at Grace, we have been given a great opportunity and a great responsibility. Our own youth group had struggled for years and in seeking direction, we were presented with the opportunity to partner with the Grace Evengelical Free church in Orangeville. They had a youth program that was busting at the seems with children but lacked the workers needed to grow. Our BOA spent time in prayer and discussed what was before us. If we want to be true to God’s calling as a church we needed to be sensitive to His leading and be available to be active where God is working. The youth program was stopped in McConnell. This opened up the chance for any youth to attend the Adventure Club in Orangeville. With this change God has blessed us by allowing us to be part of a thriving youth program. But as with most things, helpers are always welcome. If you would like to get involved, let the Christian Education committee chair know – there are always places available for more helpers.